What is your niche?

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After working with entrepreneurs for a few years we have noticed some popular themes that pop-up. And having gone through the motions we thought we would start sharing some tips for all the entrepreneurs out there!

Let’s talk about the target audience.

Whenever we start a business we know what the specific problem is that we want to solve, we know our main focus would be affordability. And that is the main aspect that determines our target market and also our locations.

Who are you going to sell to AND who do you WANT to sell to?

I mean sure, in an ideal world we would sell to everybody, but that’s not the truth. There is a specific market out there for you and you need to zone in on them!

Also, having a target audience gives you a competitive advantage as you can narrow in on them when you know how to brand to get their attention. This way you can create a message that will communicate perfectly with them! How awesome!

But for that, you need to be able to identify them.

So, for instance…

“Businesses that export and import” is too broad. But “small businesses that want an easy clearing and forwarding process.”

See, think of specifics, get you NICHE.

To do this you can even create a client persona and add things like age, cultural, demographic, language, whatever is applicable and might influence what you sell and your product.

Knowing this you can decide what personality your brand needs to have to attract your target market.

Ask yourself; What type of person would my target market love to hang out with and become friends with?

Also, if you are wondering how to brand your business uniquely? Make your personality stand out in every aspect of your brand building process. So, if you want to be LOUD! Then go ahead and be, but you need to remember that these qualities will need to reflect your brand in every aspect of it.

A consistent and cohesive brand is always a keeper.

But that’s it from me this week! I promise next time I talk about how to focus on that target market!

Have the best week,

C&F Team

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