Build content for 30 days like this…

As entrepreneurs we know, your month can get real crazy real quick!

Our team always try and plan each month ahead in the previous months, so that we can be prepared and not have to run around like a bunch of crazies trying to get stuff done!

A big part of our monthly planning is our social media. As we have multiple businesses there is quite a lot of content to design and plan. And a lot of clients has asked us how we create content for 6 businesses.

How do we create content?

What is batching?
Where do we find ideas?

How many posts should I have? Etc. etc. etc.

So, we decided, why not share some super basic tips that will make a massive difference for you and how you create your content!

  1. Keep your monthly content simple and easy!

When we started out, we always use to look at other small businesses and their awesome content and try and do something similar, but believe us, stick with what you know and keep it honest.

Sure, get ideas on Pinterest but don’t try and copy ideas, keep it simple at first. As you & your business grow so will your ideas and your content.

  1. Affirmations! Affirmations! Affirmations!

We love to hop on to a Facebook page and see posts that motivates us & we bet you do too!

So, do it! Motivate people with affirmation posts! It is a perfect way to fill your monthly content layout if you do not have enough info or ideas on what to share. 3 a week is perfect in the beginning, and later you can even create a specific day like a Motivational Monday as you and your content grow!

  1. Do videos!

Videos are always awesome content! You can do pre-recorded or even go live and chat with your followers! An awesome tip here is pick 1 topic for the entire month and spread out the discussions on that topic so that you have a video each week to share! You can even pre-record all these videos in 1 day and Viola! Your done for the next month’s video content!

  1. Get personal.

Share who you are in your posts. You can share fun facts about yourself, your likes, and dislikes. Are you a cat or dog person? AND share posts that your followers can react on, so they can also share facts about themselves. Ask them what to the prefer? Cats or dogs? It’s a fun post and it creates interaction!

  1. Say thank you or share gratitude

Let your followers know that you appreciate them! You can do this each week. Say Thank you to them for supporting you, they are the reason you get to do what you love!

You can create all of these in less than 2 hours, do not overthink it.

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