Why you need an agent

Customs, clearing documents, imports, exports, samples, containers and more are all part of the big world of Clearing and forwarding and when you are new to this field, or even experienced, it always helps to have someone in your corner to help you get the paperwork and the processes done correctly and efficiently the first time.

When we imported our first stock items, we handled it ourselves, well we tried our best. We would receive notices from customs that we have items to collect and to bring all our documents.(Invoices, proof of payment etc) Then we would go stand in line for hours at the customs counter to hopefully get someone with a friendly smile and helping attitude to assist us.

Needless to say, we would be asked to sit and wait while they go check the package and paperwork. Some times, 2-3 hours later(And this is while the person assisting us is still away from the counter) will return with a request that they still need some paperwork regarding the product, some supplier info to verify etc.

We continued this process for the first 2 years of our business and after that we decided to make use of an agent to handle all of these issues for us. However, even this route became very frustrating for us, because when it is not your own business or your own items your trying to get cleared, or released or approved, there seems to be a lack of enthusiasm, urgency and positivity. We constantly had to call the agent to ask for feedback, and when we got told, “But I sent an email and I am waiting for feedback” it was enough for us to decide…we need to start our own business helping people in this industry , but with much greater customer care and compassion.

We have since then, operated our own Clearing and Forwarding company and have assisted hundreds of  businesses to get through this process with far more professional, enthusiastic and friendly service that is nowhere to be found. This can be a very stressful process for businesses and we ensure to make this process as smooth as possible and to structure better future plans to move forward.

So, why do you need an agent? Maybe you don’t. But I can guarantee you, we will be able to take all the hassle off your hands, focus on what needs to be done, stay in contact with you as the process unfolds and inform you of all knowledge you need to know, to improve the process for the next time.

We understand the importance of time, money and efficiency and we want to help you get through these process much easier and without any hassle. Customs has many rules, and shipments via air or sea can go wrong in so many ways, but in regards to the process that we can control, we assist you in making it professional and timely, so we can move your business forward together. To set up a meeting with us today, let us know what you biggest struggles are as we would love to meet with you.

Have a fantastic day,


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