Container Complex

Hi there everybody! I was really excited to write today’s blog because I was fascinated by this project and the creative ideas some people come up with.

In one of our previous blogs, we gave you a lot of interesting facts about containers and what else they are used for. This varied from a swimming pool to shops and housing.

One of the more memorable architectural evolutions in recent years, not to mention in terms of sustainable design, has been the re-use of shipping containers to become born-again structures.

Due to their convenient sizes and simplicity, shipping containers are on just about every second homebuilder’s mind these days.

First, it started out as a trendy idea, and creatives latched onto it and used it to create quite the fancy looking cube houses. A lot of guesthouses also started using it, but it also came out the other side not so affordable anymore.

But did you know there is a whole Apartment block made out of containers right here in South Africa?

The apartment block is located in one of Johannesburg’s suburbs, Maboneng,

Maboneng is the creative center of Johannesburg and a tourist and entrepreneurial hub. It offers the best hotels, rooftop restaurants and bars, cafes, markets, and art galleries with SA’s best upcoming local art.

The main goal was to create an affordable living for start-up creatives. After all, that is one of the main reasons containers are repurposed, affordability.

This apartment block was the first large-scale residential container development in South Africa. The entire block is made of discarded containers and other recycled materials.

The apartment block, called Driver Line, is built right at the entry point of Maboneng and consists of 100 units.

There is an option of furnished or unfurnished. And even the furniture in the furnished apartments consists of upcycled materials. In the pictures below you can, that has a real artsy modern feel to it.

The rent is very affordable and ranges from R3950 – R4950 and the size of the units consists of 2-3 containers.

This residential block even includes a swimming pool & a recreational center.

It was launched in November 2017 and by the end of 2017 was 56% occupied.

Creators believe this project is the start of a big needed movement in South Africa, to create affordable housing by using recycled and repurposed materials.

There you have it! I told you it was cool.

Now that we have seen what amazing ideas can come from using old containers, my wife and I might come up with our next business idea, as this is a brilliant and creative way for upcycling.

But al jokes aside, I am really impressed about how we are starting to take social and environmental responsibility seriously.

That is all form us for this week.

Stay safe,


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