What will happen next?

During times of uncertainty, it’s hard to believe everything will be ok. It’s hard to believe life will return to normal, or whatever that might mean. The world has now been brought to its knees and it is now our responsibility, as business owners and importers of the country/economy to learn from our current situation, plan better for the future and implement better strategies to move forward.

Two of our current businesses depend fully on imports from China and we have now come to understand we will have to open our measures of suppliers and our thinking processes to move forward in a better-structured way in the future. We need to have better backup options, alternatives and generally, this is something we never have thought about. We are not alone in this, most businesses that rely on imports from China have noticed and realized this lately, only to their own determent.

It is amazing to think of how many millions of containers full of goods travel throughout the seas each year and how we as businesses locally depend on that. Can you run your business differently? Can you generate some form of income from your business that will never depend on imports again?

I want to encourage you to take a very good look at your business and see how you can make changes now, to have an additional income coming into your business, that will not be affected in any way by delayed goods.

When you import, you are accustomed to delayed shipments, port authority delays and stops, but when the uncertainty of any future delivery or even ordering of those goods enters your business processes, it makes you stop and re-think the process. You started your business to earn money, support your family and give your staff a working environment that provides in return for their own families. It is your responsibility to make sure you build a better and more secure future now for your business.

China will come back to life and the world will once again be fine. The sun will rise again to a ‘normal’ morning, but the important part is, who would have changed through all of this? Who would have become better people and better business leaders through this? Some business will close permanently due to this, many people will be without work and this is a horrible reality we are facing.

I believe that you need to learn from this process, even though we cannot predict a situation like this again, but we must look at our lives and see how we can become better at what we do going forward. If you can do that, then yes, you have used this opportunity given by the universe to improve your business and yourself as a person.

Sit down and break down your business structures on paper. Look closely to see where you can improve and where you can implement a new stream of income. There is always a new way, you just have to find one. Stay focused, stay positive and believe in a better future.

Wishing you well and keep safe during this time.


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