Did you know Hitek consists of 3 businesses?

First, we started Hitek Security Distributors from our garage 13 years ago. It was our very first entrepreneurial adventure. When we started the business, we had a dream to give safety to people and make their way of living better.

HiTek Security Distributors are the sole importers and distributors of Provision ISR in Africa and help bring the quality of surveillance to the next level. Since its inception, HiTek Security Distributors has focused on distributing only the best in quality and performance when it comes to digital surveillance. We are known for our excellent service and we continuously improve ourselves to better our company. Especially for personalizing products and software to meet our customers’ needs. Our Future goals are to spread across the global market and to meet all security needs. To be known as the best and most reliable CCTV distributor of its time.

After being almost ten years in the business owner game we started connecting with a lot of other entrepreneurs or people who were interested in starting their own business. We immediately found that a big stress point and fear for business owners is bookkeeping and making sure all their financial documents are in order.

We saw a gap in the market, and we took it. We started Hitek Accounting to help other small businesses grow and obtain their financial goals. We love to share our knowledge and connect with our clients and Hitek Accounting. It allowed us to make it easier for small business owners out there.

Both the Hitek wings are still family-owned businesses and we and our teams treat our clients as one of us.

If you are already part of the Hitek family or even if you are a newcomer and need some help with your business in these areas contact us.

We would love to help you.

HiTek Security: 021 946 3344                                  email: info@hiteksecurity.net

Hitek Accounting: 021 286 0100   email: info@hitekaccounting.co.za

Or go and visit our websites.

HiTek Security: https://hiteksecurity.net/

Hitek Accounting: https://hitekaccounting.co.za/wp/

Until next week, keep safe

Clyde & Nicolene Elhadad

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