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When you are running an imports and exports business, you require hands-on attention to all details of shipments going in and out of the country and must provide customers with the best service and level of step by step communication throughout their process.

We want to introduce you to our own, excellent in house, clearance agent, Amanda. She deals one on one with each of our clients, and she has been with us for the past few years, sharing her knowledge and growing her relationships with our clients each day, to help build our business even stronger.

Amanda deals with shipments, airfreights, customs and anything related to imports and exports on a daily manner. She is extremely friendly and very patient, something that is very hard to find in this industry. This pillar, one of true customer service, is why we insisted on having our own in house agent to deal not only with all our own weekly shipments but to provide our customers with the same level of quality service that we are used to.

We assist our clients with all aspects of the Clearing and Forwarding parts of their business. We have imported from over 20 different ports Internationally and we export to even more ports weekly. Our clients have introduced us to the most interesting products and we have also gained so much knowledge of the many different industries that are available out there. We believe in building your knowledge and since the rules and regulations often change in this field, we keep our customers informed every step of the way.

As part of our service, we also future plan with our clients, assist in focusing on bulk buying, easier shipment options and saving methods to make the exchange more profitable for our clients. We believe that if our clients can grow their business, so will we.

It is our job to keep things easy and simple for you, so let us assist you in handling this department for you, allowing you time to focus on your business.

We are so blessed to have Amanda on board and she invites you to give her a call to get more information on how she can assist you in the future.

Amanda - HiTek Clearing & ForwardingHi, I am Amanda and I am the clearance agent that assists in the management process of all goods entering and leaving South Africa. In the past few years of working for HiTek Clearing and Forwarding I have dealt with many different products. From wine, skin care, cement, fresh food, coffee cups, clothing, dog food, sunglasses and much more.

This job is always interesting and I love what I do. But most of all, I love helping my clients solve problems.

So, let me know how I can quote you and save you some valuable time and money, but also how I can deal with all the headaches on your behalf in regards to customs.

She strives to keep all her VIP clients happy at all times and goes the extra mile for each of them. Please note, to Amanda, every client is a VIP client. Give her a call or email her for more information. She would love to give you a free quotation and assist with any questions you might have.

Have a wonderful day

The HiTek CF Team

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