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With the new year in full-swing, let’s see how we can grow our business and attract more clients! We know all of you, who own your own business as well, is probably doing exactly the same!

We love being a part of the entrepreneur’s community. Learning new things, but most importantly sharing our experiences, advice and lessons we learned in the hopes it might help another entrepreneur out there!

This week we want to share 7 ways TO BRAND YOURSELF & attract your ideal customers. And the best part is you can use this anytime, not just for planning for the new year, you can also use it to evaluate your current space.

Let’ start!

  1. Determine your uniqueness

Spend some time thinking about YOU! What makes you different, why are you special? Your strengths, your passions, and your goals. Now use these unique attributes when branding yourself.

Your brand should always represent who you are!

Ask people around you to describe you. Maybe ask them to use four or five adjectives, what are you good at? What are your strengths? In which areas do they view you as “irreplaceable?”

  1. Review your brand (and how you portray it) frequently.

Now that you know what attributes you should be putting out there go review your platforms and image. Also are you branding yourself in a cohesive & consistent way? Is your brand easy to understand? You need to review your brand regularly to ensure impact on people.

  1. Identify your goals

Ask yourself, where would you like to be in six months? One year? Five years? Ten years? Defining your goals is necessary to crafting a message that helps you reach them.

If you struggle to create realistic and reachable goals use the S.M.A.R.T-plan

Your goals should be:

S – specific

M- measurable




  1. Identify your target audience

Just like Nike knows that their target audience is athletes & fitness-lovers, you need to define to whom you want to send your message to.

This will not only help you hone your message, but it will also help you deliver it to the right places & use the right platforms.

  1. Tend to your marketing network

Be sure to keep clients, and friends updated about what you are doing. Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool, and what the people in your network say about you will ultimately influence your brand.

  1. Blog

Blogging can help with branding yourself and it is also a platform for people/clients can get to know you and connect with who you are & your brand. Commit to posting once a week on topics that your audience will find interesting and educational, but that also highlight your unique skills and experience.

  1. Get a website

Having a website, always gives you a more professional status. Your website should highlight your professional accomplishments, your skills and knowledge, what you stand for, and your overall value. You need to make it about YOU, not your company or clients.

Show them why they need to buy from YOU.

Use these 7 tips to attract your ideal client, and really niche in. I know we wish we could sell to everybody but focusing on a group is really important.

Hope you have an awesome week!

Hitek C&F team

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