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In this article we wanted to introduce you to the man behind the business, the creator and investor, Tomer (Clyde) Elhadad. As a multiple business owner, he has had many hands on experiences working with other clearing and forwarding companies, and after years of struggling and not receiving the standard of service he wanted, Tomer decided to start his own imports company. Working on his own daily imports for his other companies, has allowed him to stay updated and informed of any and all changes in the customs world.

Communication is one of the most important pillars that his business is built on, and delivering on excellent customer service is his main goal with this business.

Tomer believes that all customers has the right to know what’s going on with their goods at all times and they assist clients with their processes going forward. He advices business owners how to grow faster, import or export better with personal advice and how to save money.

“When I am working with my own cargo, I understand the importance of time, communication and efficient paperwork handling, so when my customers join our team, we handle their goods in the exact same manner. With honesty, respect and efficiency.” as Tomer explains it himself.

If you are looking for someone that will care about your business like Tomer does about his companies, then look no further and call them today for a free consultation to share with you their money and time saving methods , but most of all the excellent customer service you will receive from a company built with heart.

Until next time,

– The Hitek Clearing & Forwarding Team