Let’s create content for the new year!

A very happy new year to you!

So, a few months back we wrote a blog on content-creating, and we sort of promised to give you a layout for content creation.

So, here we are to keeping our promise, so let’s get to it!

This is a really simple layout for a content creating beginner, but if you are already in the game, you can also use this to add to your current layout. The more posts the better!

As said in the beginning, KEEP IT SIMPLE. If we just started, we would focus on 2 posts a day, 60 posts a month.

That sounds a lot! I know, but once you get your rhythm for batch creating it is really easy and quick to do!

So, before we start, we decide what we want to do, accomplish in the month. For us, it is always to market our services, teach and share advice to awesome entrepreneurs on how to better themselves and their business! For us, the best way to start is to break it down in a week and figure out what I will be sharing each week and posting each day. I usually work on 4 weeks per month, adds to 28 days, 56 posts, and then I check where are the 2 days I am missing and add those.

Tip; If a month has 31 days, just add 2 more posts. LOL!

For example, in November we maybe want to talk about end of the budgeting, How to spend wisely during the holidays, and tax expectations for 2021. There is a lot to say about budgeting, so we know we wanted to do it for two weeks, and there are our topics for the four weeks.

An easy way to decide on those topics is to ask your followers what they want! Put up a post and use their response to create your topics for your content.

Let’s get started!

Your week need to have posts that will lure people in and inform them! You need to give to get! So, each day I love to inform people, share advice, tips, and experiences that might help them with the topics I chose.

Let’s use our November’s topic for week one:

5 posts on Budgeting, this can be on what budgeting is, why to do it, etc.

3 affirmations a week, Monday, Wednesday & Friday.

Ask them a fun question on Tuesday: Do you like sweet or salty? And share what you prefer!

Maybe share a Business tip on Thursday! Something you have learned from your own experience.

GUESS WHAT! Your week is done! You only have Saturday and Sunday left! Crazy right.

On Saturday give your followers and clients a shout out and say thanks for all they do and for the second post you can share something you love doing on weekend, share a book you love to read, or your favorite podcasts to listen to.

For Sunday you can give them a quick summary of the week they have missed, the 5 informative posts, and to end of your week, you can give them an easy challenge for the next week to motivate them! Something like remembering to set goals for themselves!

AND YOUR WEEK IS DONE! And the easiest part is left, you just copy it four times and you are done!!!

Let me give you a recap:


–         Topic post

–         MOTIVATION


–         Topic post

–         Ask a question. Cats OR Dogs?


–         Topic post

–         Motivation


–         Topic post

–         Share a business tip


–         Topic post

–         Motivation


–         Thank you post

–         Share weekend plan ideas


–         Share a summary of the week’s topic posts

–         Challenge them for the week ahead.


We hope this helps you!

Hope your week is full of content creating fun,

C&F  Team

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